“I never thought I would look forward to going to the dentist; but now that I’ve discovered Dr. Blum, I actually enjoy coming to his office. Dr. Blum takes pride in his work, and his ability to create a beautiful smile is extraordinary.”  –Anne

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“Dr. Blum changed my life. I was always ashamed of my teeth and would never smile for pictures. Dr. Blum changed all of that for me. He straightened my teeth with Invisalign and vastly improved their appearance with cosmetic dentistry. Now everyone tells me what a great smile I have and I owe it all to him.”
-Jay Rosenthal

“I never thought I would look forward to going to the dentist; but now that I’ve discovered Dr. Blum, I actually enjoy coming to his office. Dr. Blum takes pride in his work, and his ability to create a beautiful smile is extraordinary. He and his staff have created an office atmosphere that is compassionate, fun and nurturing. After all, in how many dentists offices can you have a cappuccino, get a foot massage and have your teeth whitened all in one appointment! I love Dr. Blum, Brenda the hygienist, Rachel and Pete his dental techs, and all the other people that make having your teeth drilled a little more pleasant.”

“I have gone to many different dentists in my life and there’s no one who compares to Dr. Blum. Whether it be his calming voice, joking personality, fantastic dental technique; he shines in all aspects. My husband has always been fearful of the dentist but after coming to Dr. Blum he no longer feels scared or intimidated when sitting in the dentist chair. When choosing a dentist who’s compassionate about his job and life, without a doubt Dr. Blum is the best choice!”
-Shanan and Troy

“Although many of my past dental experiences had been less than pleasant at times, very painful and stressful, my five years as a patient here with Dr. Blum have been consistently enjoyable. His efforts to provide comfortable, stress-free, and virtually painless office visits combined with the kind of considerate approaches of each of his staff members here made what used to be a dreaded yearly chore a bi-yearly delight. All this… and humor too! Kudos to Dr. Blum and his staff. P.S. My smile is perfect now!”

“If you can say you enjoy visiting the dentist, you must be going to Dr. Damian Blum’s office! The courtesy, professionalism, and friendliness of the staff are unequaled; and Dr. Blum himself will bad joke you to oblivion if need be. (All, of course, while your mouth is full and you can’t respond.) From front desk to back office, you can’t beat this office.”
– Anne and Gary

“Dr. Blum has been my dentist for several years now and I can’t imagine going to any other dentist. I can honestly say that he has made an impact on my smile. He truly cares about your smile and always tries his best to make the whole procedure as painless as possible. I have a little story about Dr. Blum — my sister from California had to have a root canal. I always talk about how I love my dentist, so during one of her visits, she went to Dr. Blum. She couldn’t believe how painless the procedure was and is jealous of my dentist!”
– Josie

“Dave and I would like to thank you for your generous invitation to attend your Holiday Bash. Your kindness is overwhelming. It is wonderful of you to incorporate Toys for Tots into the festivities. We saw the Marine load many boxes of toys onto their trucks for delivery to underprivileged children, who otherwise would not enjoy the holidays. It must give you a warm feeling knowing you are responsible for so much joy.
“We know there are many different holidays to be celebrated during December and we wish blessings to you and everyone on your staff.
“La Palapa was festively adorned and I loved the Santa hats on your staff. The food and drinks were plentiful and yummy good. Our only regret was that we were co-hosting a neighborhood party and had just a small window of time to enjoy your shindig.
“Each time I come to your office, the girls tell me of a vacation that you have given them or about the many uniforms that you’ve provided. If I had even one boss like you, I would most likely still be working. Thanks again.
“Happy Holidays”
– Dave and Anita

” It is always a pleasure to see Dr. Blum and all of his staff. They make everyone feel special all the time. Going to the dentist is not a scary thing anymore. It is like seeing family.”
– Linda Ford

“It may sound odd, but I enjoy my visits to Dr. Blum’s office. The whole team are very nice. I have total confidence in Dr. Blum and team.”
– Gary Cianfichi

“What we all need are people who care about their work, their patients, the overall experience, PERIOD. That is what I get every time I come to Dr. Blum’s office or deal with a member of the staff. Pete, Rachel, Brenda, Dr. Blum –all TOP NOTCH, polite, funny, always trying to find a solution, and above all, possess integrity and don’t try and squeeze every cent from my wallet!!! How about that! Anyway, keep it up.”
– Zora Dougherty

“I have always had a great respect for Dr. Blum, and would recommend his service to all.”
– John Talley

“Dr. Blum and his staff are highly proficient and professional in every aspect, especially the personal, friendly, and caring touch with the patients. The experience is always pleasurable, even when needles are used to numb. Seriously—the doctors and staff are always concerned with the patient’s care no matter the type of appointment; every patient is treated like family. I enjoy the visit and lively engagements with the staff. Dr. Blum is the best!”
-Paul Kappes

“I had 4 fillings replaced yesterday and is was as pleasant as getting 4 fillings replaced could be. There was no pain and everything went very smoothly!”
-William Keilholtz

“I hate dentists, I am scared to death of them. Except for Damian Blum. Best dentist ever. I have been a loyal customer for many years. The whole staff is amazing; how many people can have some great laughs with their dentist? Dr. Blum is extremely knowledgeable, patient, has a wonderful sense of humor, and really, really cares about his patients when he has them in the chair and beyond. This is the guy you want to see, if you hate dentists or love them!”
– Anne Wallace

“Many dentist offices have poor bedside manners–not this office. Ellicott City Smiles is SUPER-friendly, showed care about my concerns with sincerity, and addressed my concern as soon as I got in.”
– Anon

“If you want to know the meaning of the word ‘Service’ make your next dental visit to this office. The only reason you would still be with your current dentist is because you haven’t been here…yet.”
– Bill Carr

“I have avoided going to the dentist because of past experiences. The staff here is wonderful and they seemed truly concerned about my comfort.”
– Nancy Brady

“Dr. Blum is extremely competent and equally friendly/caring; the staff are clearly dedicated to each other and caring for every patient in a way that leaves me feeling special. I highly recommend this dental practice without reservation… they set the standard for other practices to meet!”
– Dr. Mike Boyle

“The entire staff is concerned for their patients and I was provided the best dental care I have ever received.”
– Katie Morris

“Thanks to Brenda, I didn’t have to white knuckle my teeth cleaning, like I have when done at other practices!
– Peggy

“Most people do not enjoy going to the dentist, but I can honestly say that I always enjoy my visits to see Dr. Blum. I have been a patient for many years; as always, I had another great visit today for a regular check up and cleaning. I’ve recommended Dr. Blum’s practice to many family members and friends, and will continue to do so!”
– Elizabeth Lloi

“Dr. Blum and his entire staff are EXCELLENT!! Everyone made me completely comfortable and removed years of fear of going to the dentist. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a dentist that provides complete care, comfort, and great customer service!”
– Anonymous

“Oh My! The service was/is GREAT! I knew I wanted Dr.Blum and his dental family to take care of my dental work from the first time I went there—it was like I had known them forever, and never once did I feel like a new patient. (Just for the record, I have only been here twice.) I would recommend this dentist to my family and friends. Thanks to Ron for the wonderful recommendation and sharing (smiles). To Dr. Blum and Staff, thanks for making me smile and feeling so at ease! Dr. Blum you have a great staff. Keep up the GREAT job and see you soon!”
– Terry Howard

“I could not have had a better experience [with Zoom! Laser Teeth Whitening]! I was a little apprehensive about the possibility of a lot of pain; it’s 11 hours later and still no pain. The entire staff could not have been better. It was the best experience I’ve ever had in a dentist office. Thanks.”
– Susan

“Dr. Blum is the ‘Dentist for Chickens’. I have an unusually sensitive mouth and always leave a dentist after my inevitable first bad experience. Not with Dr. Blum. Dr. Blum has gently treated me for over 10 years. He does beautiful cosmetic work and pain free procedures.”
– Margaret McGarry

“Dr. Blum and his staff are always very warm, friendly and treat their patients like family. It is always a very pleasant experience to visit this dentist. Dr. Blum is a true professional that always uses cutting edge practices and information to treat his patients. I have been his patient for over 17 years.”
– Kim Penny

“One word—Outstanding. An outstanding morning with the Super Staff of this Super Dentist!!!!”
– Alan Sexton

“Courteous, professional, and personable as always. Thank you.”
– Sean Ambrose

“My dental cleaning appointment was an enjoyable experience. Brenda, the hygienist, is professional and gentle. I am satisfied with the service.”
– Jieying Qian

“Dr. Blum and his staff are amazing. Nothing but the best.”
– Anne Callahan

“Dr. Blum brings a certain charisma — not to mention his wealth of experience — to the office. During my checkup he found a potential cavity and made time to fix it on the spot, so I did not need to schedule a second appointment!”
– Joe Dougherty III

“Dr. Blum and his staff are the best. Very kind and warm people who truly care about you and your overall health.”
– Andrea

“Brenda has been the Dental Hygienist taking care of my teeth for many years and I can’t imagine allowing anyone else to provide this service.”
– Leslie

“Brenda made my teeth sparkle!”
– Z.

“Awesome dentist who takes excellent care of the patients with a personal touch.”
– Priya

“Best dentist in Howard County! Dr. Blum and is office take fabulous care of their patients. They are incredibly skilled and care about their patients. Finding a dentist office that is both highly skilled and care for their patients is rare. I highly recommend this place.”
– Megan

“Yesterday I felt as if I was the most important person in the world. Dr. Blum, you and your staff are the most helpful, accommodating people. You totally exceeded my expectations.”

“I appreciated that you heard my concerns and anxiety, and gave a name to it as well as a possible solution. You didn’t make me feel like an idiot nor did you simply pat me on my head in a condescending manner. No dentist has ever done this before.”
– S.

“The hygienist Brenda was very thorough with cleaning my teeth, she had excellent skills that exceeded my expectations. From the moment I entered the office, until the moment I left, the visit was pain free. I’m impressed. Thank you Ellicott City Smiles.”
– Phyllis

“I cannot tell you how wonderful everyone at the office is. Everyone has been so nice and helpful and the Doctors are the best I’ve ever seen when it comes to making you feel welcome and working with you.”
– Roger


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