Implants or Dentures?

Losing a tooth can be exciting for a child, but it’s a traumatic experience for an adult!

Fortunately, Dr. Blum’s expertise in the field of implant dentistry can help you restore your healthy smile. We invite you to visit our Smile Gallery to view some examples of our work.

Implants or Removable Dentures?

This is a difficult question to answer because the factors you have to consider vary widely for each individual. For the most accurate answer, give us a call to book a personal consultation, and you’ll be able to discuss your options in detail with Dr. Blum.

In the meantime, let’s compare some of the dental attributes of implants and removable dentures. (We also have the option of using implants to secure dentures, which helps maintain the integrity of your mouth’s optimal health and structure for denture wearers. Read more about implant supported dentures here.)


  • You will smile with confidence
  • Your smile and your mouth will look better
  • Your mouth will feel better to you, since implants – just like real teeth – stay put and fit properly
  • Your bite will be correct so you can chew better, with less strain
  • You will eat better, eat the full range of foods and therefore enjoy better nutrition
  • Your speech may improve
  • You will find dental hygiene easier
  • You will enjoy seeing your teeth and your self-image will improve


Removable Dentures

  • The fit is critical and may require frequent adjustment
  • Loose-fitting dentures make it difficult for you to bite and chew properly
  • You will have to give up eating some foods, and your nutrition may be adversely affected
  • If a denture is at all loose, it may rub the gum, resulting in chronic soreness and pain
  • Your speech may be slurred
  • Your overall appearance can be diminished (full dentures are more likely to look unnatural, even to the untrained eye) and your self-image could inevitably be impacted
  • Some people experience a gag reflex from dentures


Contact us today and book a personal consultation to discuss which option is right for you.


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