Dental Hygiene Exams

At Ellicott City Smiles, we have seen it all and understand that prevention should be the top priority in any oral health regimen.


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Dental Hygiene at its Finest

Brenda Rash, RDH is our veteran dental hygienist, always educating our patients on the most up-to-date information about dental hygiene and oral systemic health.

We recommend patients have their teeth cleaned by a hygienist every 3 to 6 months. Why?

At Ellicott City Smiles, we have seen it all and understand that prevention should be the top priority in any oral health regimen. Did you know that the majority of dental problems are 100% preventable? Periodontal disease (aka gum disease) is the number one cause of tooth loss today, and a significant contributor to many systemic health problems. Anyone at any age is susceptible to gum disease. Routine and regular visits to the dentist are the best way of detecting and treating gum disease during the early stages. Gum disease will not go away by itself or with intense brushing. The only way to cure the disease is with professional cleanings that remove plaque under the gums.

In addition to deep cleaning and comprehensive dental hygiene education, our dental hygiene exams will include:

Oral Cancer Screenings


Oral, Head, and Neck Cancer is cancer that arises in the head or neck region, including the nasal cavity, sinuses, lips, mouth, thyroid glands, salivary glands, throat, or larynx (voice box). It is the sixth-most-common form of cancer in the United States, with 40,000 cases diagnosed annually. The mortality rate of oral cancer is quite high; approximately 45% of sufferers do not survive more than 5 years. As with any form of cancer, early detection is the key. Our registered dental hygienist Brenda will conduct an in-depth screening for any signs of oral cancer, and follow up with the necessary tests if there are any indications that you may have oral, head, or neck cancer.

For more information on Oral, Head & Neck Cancer, please check out the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance website.

Laser Cavity Early Detection (DIAGNOdent)

DIAGNOdent, our laser early cavity detection device, is an amazing thing. In essence, the device is a compact diode laser that is used to identify areas in very early stages of tooth decay that traditional means, including digital X-rays, miss. DIAGNOdent shines a laser beam down into a tooth, and the laser will pick up even minute beginnings of tooth decay within the tooth, where it is, and how deep it is. By detecting decay weakness in a tooth before it develops into a full blown cavity enables us to take the proper steps to stop the decay before it worsens with preventive measures, (avoiding large fillings and root canal therapy).


Diagodent Laser Image vs Traditional Tool ImageDiagodent Machine Image

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