Dental Therapeutic Treatments: BOTOX®

Do you suffer from jaw pain, a TMJ disorder, headaches, facial pain, or teeth grinding and clenching?

BOTOX®  Therapeutic Treatments at our Ellicott City dental office could be the solution to your pain!

BOTOX®  Therapeutic Treatments in Ellicott City

Do you suffer from pain related to TMJ disorder, teeth grinding or clenching? Headaches and other types of facial pain? BOTOX®  Dental Therapeutic Treatments can help.

Though BOTOX®  injections are best known for their cosmetic applications, long before BOTOX®  was used in to improve facial aesthetics, they were used for medical purposes. BOTOX®  for Dental Therapeutic Treatment can relieve painful conditions triggered by the muscles of the jaw. As a therapeutic tool, BOTOX®  can be an integral part of TMJ disorder treatment, in relieving jaw and neck and facial pain, to aid dental implant procedures, and to ensure the success of other dental services we offer.

Spastic muscles or muscles that clench involuntarily can cause extreme pain, discomfort and embarrassment. BOTOX®  Dental Therapeutic treatments – delivered directly to the problematic muscles via injections – can relieve facial tics, involuntary teeth clenching, TMJ pain, and other dental and facial related medical problems and pain. Patients typically get three to four months of relief after just one treatment.

Why do I have jaw muscle and/or joint pain?

Common causes of pain in the jaw muscles are overwork, tension or fatigue in the muscles of the jaw, head and neck. Pain can be begin as a result of over physical exertion such as clenching or grinding, or from an impact injury. Another influence may be psychological factors from the stresses of day to day living, which in turn influence how our body subconsciously or consciously relieves that stress (like via grinding one’s teeth or maintaining an over-tense posture).

Pain in the actual temporomandibular joint (the jaw joint) is often the result of disease, degeneration, or inflammation of hard or soft tissues that make up the joint. Dislocation and arthritis in this joint are common perpetrators.

In order to determine the core cause of your jaw, head, neck or facial pain, we would need to have a conversation about your relevant pain/jaw history, and do a comprehensive examination to evaluate the situation. When you contact our dental office in Ellicott City (Howard County), we will go over more details about what you should expect from an evaluation examination!

Utility of BOTOX®  in Treating TMJ Disorder, Teeth Grinding and Teeth Clenching, Facial Pain and Headaches

TMJ disorder, and teeth grinding (aka bruxism) and clenching can all cause extreme pain and disrupt your daily routine. Dr. Blum, who has received extensive training in administering BOTOX®  injections, can use these therapeutic drugs to relax varying muscles of the jaw joints (TMJ). Fortunately, all of the aforementioned problems have potential to be treated with BOTOX®  Dental Therapeutic treatments, which relax the muscles that control the jaw (temporomandibular) joint and create an situation that allows your body to heal itself. BOTOX®  Therapeutic treatments can allow you to enjoy your life free from pain.

How do BOTOX®  treatments work?

BOTOX®  is prescription drugs that are injected into muscles. BOTOX®  works by blocking local nerve impulses to the muscles in which the BOTOX®  is injected. (It prevents the nerve impulses from signaling to the target muscle to contract.) Some of the nerve impulses will still connect with the target muscles, so your muscles will not be frozen absolutely, and you will have enough usage to function well.

In the case of BOTOX®  Dental Therapeutic Treatments to treat TMJ Disorders, Teeth Grinding and Teeth Clenching, Headaches, or other Facial Pain, the injections will reduce muscle activity enough for the muscle to be able to relax and not over-activate. With relaxed jaw muscles, by themselves or in combination with a custom designed Night Guard, ideally your jaw will be able to re-train itself over time to not over-clench the muscle and to maintain a healthy position. Like physical therapy for your jaw, in the long run the idea is to re-program its learned musculature and behavior.

If you are wondering if BOTOX®  treatments could be just what you are seeking to relieve pain and treat a TMJ Disorder, Teeth Grinding and Teeth Clenching, Headaches, or other facial pain, please feel welcome to contact our dental office in Ellicott City!

Suffering from chronic headaches and pain due to disordered jaw (TMJ) function doesn’t have to be a part of your routine.

Our dental practice in Ellicott City is non-judgmental and will never pressure you into a treatment plan that you are not comfortable with. Contacting our office to inquire leaves you under no obligation.


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