Anxiety Free Options

 Stress and anxiety can prevent people from seeking the dental treatment they need and want.

Our Ellicott City dental office is a non-judgmental dental practice and we will always prioritize your needs and concerns.

Sedation  Treatment Options, Anxiety Free Dentistry – Raising Expectations

Anxiety Free Dentistry serving Ellicott City & Columbia, Maryland

Ellicott City Smiles proudly offers Oral Conscious Sedation  options for patients who want and need assistance in overcoming stress and anxiety associated with having dental work done.

There is no shame in feeling anxious–nearly half of the population feels nervous and uncomfortable with going to the dentist, or avoids going at all. We understand the importance of helping patients feel relaxed and comfortable during dental procedures, and it is for your comfort that we offer a variety of options.

 Please Click on the below Anxiety-Reducing Treatment Options to learn more about each!

Oral Conscious Sedation


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