Oral Cancer Screening: “All You Have to do is Open Your Mouth”

“All you have to do is open your mouth.”
— The Head and Neck Cancer Alliance


Did you know that we systematically screen all of our patients for oral, head, and neck cancer when you come in for an appointment?

Did you also know that we also have easy-to-use kits in our office that test for Oral HPV (the Human Papilloma Virus), the leading cause of oral cancer, and the test can also can pinpoint other bacteria strains in your saliva, which gives us a wonderfully individualized profile of your mouth’s health?!



The oral cancer examination is painless and quick … and life-saving. When cancers of the head and neck are found early, the cure rate is high. Semi-Annual screenings by your dentist, whether or not that is us, should be a part of your regular dental hygiene checkups.

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