Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP): Healing Diseased Gums, One Magical Laser at a Time

Let’s get dirty and go under the gums! No Cut, No Sew, No Fear

It’s no secret that the health of our gums, mouth, and teeth directly impact the health of our whole bodies–most things inside of us are connected and this only makes sense. Much contemporary research has also linked gum disease to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and low-birth weight babies.

In essence, when we neglect our mouth, bacteria builds up in the mouth and can get trapped under the gum-line, which results in inflamed gums )sore, quick to bleed, painful, puffy, etc.). Untreated, this inflammation can increase and spread down into the bone; once it reaches the bone, it breaks down/eats away at the bone structure of your jaw and ultimately results in teeth and jaw structure lost to decay. It also runs a higher risk of that bacteria spreading out into the bloodstream, which can increase the probability of blood clots and the like. All in all: not fun and not healthy.

Now here is where the laser comes in. As an alternative to traditional gum surgery (that cuts open the gum to clean out the bacteria and decayed matter), by using laser technology with our Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP), bacteria and diseased tissues are killed/removed while leaving intact & stimulating the regeneration of healthy gum tissue to heal naturally, (without the use of our friend, the scalpel). In cases of bone loss, the laser stimulates bone regeneration as well.

Pony with laser beam eyes frying harmful oral bacteria! And that, in sum, is the gist of the matter. Sadly, many people treat gum disease as an  insignificant matter, and they end up paying for it later with poor oral and systemic  health problems. (Not to mention, it’s more expensive to recover after comprehensive  damage is already done than it is to halt its progression. And the likelihood of losing  one’s natural teeth is higher.) Letting a little gum disease go will likely create much  worse problems–sweeping termites under the carpet does not make them go away!

With the development of LANAP, LANAP certified dentists now have the technology and wonderful opportunity to actually rejuvenate oral health, stop, and even reverse the advancement of gum disease before the losses become catastrophic. The procedure offers a wise way to get one’s mouth back on the right track towards health before things spiral out of hand, and I truly recommend the laser alternative to gum surgery procedure to anyone who has periodontal disease.

I don’t like dental implants or dentures any more than you!



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