Keeping Track of Your Habits: A Strategy for Good Oral Hygiene

How do you keep track of your finances? Someone keeps a record of what comes in and goes out, right?

With no intention of becoming a list-oriented Virgo on any of you readers, documenting the comings and goings of one’s money can help create a better understanding of someone’s financial situation.

Also, the same goes with keeping track of one’s diet (aka the food/drink you consume). If you are trying to figure out which foods give you a stomache ache, or wnat to keep track  of the nutrients you are actually consuming, or are on a specific training diet–keeping a list of the things you consume and when you consume them can help you gain a better understanding of your habits.

And what about lists of brushing and flossing habits? Do you ever skip a post-meal brushing? Have you ever gone for two days without flossing? (We’ve all probably done this, so don’t feel guilty!)

Well if you don’t already have superb, consistent oral hygiene habits, I challenge you to keep a log (list) for an entire week of every single time you brush, floss, rinse your mouth with water, gargle with baking soda, or whatever. (Write down the times too!) In addition, it would be even more amazing if you also document your eating/drinking/smoking habits as well.

Before we can change our habits for the better, most of us have to know where our starting points are. So after the week is over, make some time to sit down and come up with a plan, a strategy for improving (or maintaining) good oral hygiene habits. Even if you are only realistically able to make a couple changes at a time, start somewhere!

Do you accept the challenge?!

*For all current patients, if you bring in your recent week log (and your new strategy if you’ve made one!) to your next appointment in the office, we will give you our new Top Secret “Chew for Life” prize!

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