Got Migraines? We have TMJ Treatments that Could Help!

Here are the basics:

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects the jawbone to the skull. Located at the sides of the head near each ear, these joints play an essential role in eating, speaking, and making facial expressions. The TMJ joint is one of the most frequently used, strained, and complex joints in the entire body!

When the temporomandibular joints stop working properly, is misaligned or stressed, it can result in a syndrom with symptoms that include chronic ear pain, jaw stiffness and soreness, opening the mouth, jaw popping or jaw clicking, neck pain, and migraine headaches. Sufferers of TMJ pain may experience either sharp pain or a dull, constant ache.

Some of the treatment options are mouth guards, bite therapy and TMJ exercises. This painful condition of the jaw and neck area can also be alleviated by injecting Botox into the sight, which relaxes the muscles (prevents them from contracting) and can keep someone comfortable while undergoing treatment to correct whatever their TMJ problem is. Botox treatment is by its nature a temporary treatment and when the treatment effects are gone, they are gone completely.

Chronic pain is no light thing and can be extremely detrimental to person’s life quality. Aches and pains and headaches are signals that your body is out of balance, and you don’t have to be complacent by taking the pain. Get help!

If you have any questions about TMJ treatment, as always, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Migraines, TMJ Trauma, and Sleep Disorder Medicine are all areas that I have veteran experience working in, and I am 

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