Patient Rights & Responsibilities

We believe that respect, consent and communication are key to any good relationship, and we value our relationships with our patients above all else.

We encourage you to read our about policies to learn more about your rights and responsibilities as our patient.

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Our doctors and staff are the health experts, but you are the best expert on you. We respect that.

Ellicott City Smiles is in this profession to provide you with nothing less than the best health care and cosmetic dental services that we are capable of providing. Your happiness and health are our paramount concerns.

You deserve to be treated with respect and we deserve to be treated with respect.

We are a non-judgmental dental practice and seek to always address your needs and concerns, whatever they may be. We welcome your thoughts and concerns, and do not expect or desire our patients to be silent.

As health care professionals and fine artists, we feel that open communication is a key to establishing any relationship based on mutual respect, consent, patient-autonomy, and trust.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Ellicott City Smiles strives to be a safe environment free of discrimination, regardless of race, age, sex, socio-economic status, different/(dis)abilities, color, religion, culture, national origin, sexual preference, familial status, and gender identity.

Other Forms

For more detailed information about your rights and responsibilities as our patient, we invite you to look over our privacy policy, financial policy, and cancellation policy.

The statement put out by the American Dental Association (ADA) on Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities, as posted below, is also something that Ellicott City Smiles supports and may help you better understand your rights and responsibilities as our patient.

Download the American Dental Association statement on Dental Patients’ Rights and Responsibilities

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