For How Long Should a Toothbrush Last?

Want your toothbrush to last longer?

Here are some tips!

So when you’re getting ready to go to sleep, try soaking the bristle-portion of your toothbrush in mouthwash over night (or whatever time of the day you sleep during.) This will help to kill lingering mouth bacteria on your toothbrush that would otherwise multiply while you sleep! (And don’t store it next to the toilette. The toilette particles float around in the nearby air. And believe us you don’t want that (insert 4-letter-word) in your mouths!)

Typically, we’d suggest to change the bristle-part of your toothbrush approximately every 3 months for the manual kind, or potentially every 6 months for the electric kind if the bristles hold up well.

It might be a wise idea to mark the toothbrush-change date on your calendar, or pick a special day (like your birthday!) and make a habit out of changing it on that special day, then 3 months after that, then at the 1/2 year mark, etc.

You will not regret it. DB.


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