Cheap and Easy Ways to Treat Periodontal Disease at Home

A patient who now lives in another state went to a dentist near her house. The new dentist found a 5mm periodontal pocket, but did or said nothing about it.

Knowing that a 5mm pocket between tooth and gum is a periodontal disease indicator and has potential to lead to more rapid spread of decaying bacteria, this clever, proactive patient asked me how to reduce that pocket and get gums to reattach.

My answer was long and involved; I will not do that to you but I thought that you should also know! Here is my at-home tip for an easy and cheap way to treat deep pockets at home.

First, mix a slurry of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide into a solution with a sour cream consistency. With a rubber tipped, or other non-sharp instrument, gently work the slurry into the affected pocket areas where the tooth and gum meet. Leave for one to two minutes and then rinse. Of course you could also floss, brush and then rinse it all together too. What this does, is the baking sodas will neutralize the acidic pH from your mouth and the peroxide will release oxygen into the pockets. A neutral pH and oxygen rich environment will kill these bad bugs which cause periodontal disease and affect other inflammatory conditions in your body.

Since I promised to keep this short, I will give you other ways to help yourself at home with little expense, later this week. So, if you want to learn other ways to help yourself, please email/message me to let me know, so I don’t forget. Hint: Water, Xylitol and a specific type of floss. Bye for now and have a great week!

Dr. Blum

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2 Responses to Cheap and Easy Ways to Treat Periodontal Disease at Home

  1. sandra lewis says:

    Sounds good, need to try this cure, my gum is swollen and inflamed over the tooth.

    • ecsmiles says:

      I’m glad you found this information helpful. If treating it at home doesn’t work set up an appointment with our office and we would be happy to help you out.

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