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Pediatric Oral Health & In-Utero Oral Health MATTERS!

Yes-­-­children’s teeth fall out and they get new adult teeth in place. But no-­-­this does not mean that we can let the baby teeth rot away with sugar because “they’re gonna come out anyway”! That logic is kind of like … Continue reading

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Le Mouthguard Expose: Custom Fit Mouthguard

It’s been a very long while since I last posted on the blog, and for that I am truly sorry! This is a piece that we wrote earlier this year that’d we’d like to share with you, on mouthguards and … Continue reading

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Non-Judgemental Dental Healthcare: Barriers & Bulimia

(Feel invited to contact me with questions!) What have you ever been embarrassed to tell a doctor about? Why were you embarrassed? No One is Born Embarrassed. Whatever image or ideal we have in our minds for how a perfect, … Continue reading

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Insurance and Taxes make barriers to Dental Healthcare. But We’re Not Giving Up!

Dental Health Insurance: Joke’s on You U.S. Health Insurance companies mostly exist in their current form to make profit off of us–this we already know. It’s business. The way these companies make profit is that they rely on the probability … Continue reading

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Strong Hearts

The heart is a muscle the size of your fist. Like any other of our muscles, we have to work on making our heart muscle strong because it’s not going to strengthen itself without us initiating action, inciting the growth.So … Continue reading

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