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Gum Disease and Colon Cancer: You bet your colon there’s a link!

“Among people with colorectal cancer, there were higher numbers of Fusobacteria and Porphyromonas bacteria than in patients who didn’t have the disease.  Fusobacteria and Porphyromonas, which are prevalent in both the mouth and gut, are associated with inflammation of the … Continue reading

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Strong Oral Carcinogen Identified in Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless tobacco products may not harm others with second-hand smoke, but they are still just as harmful and carcinogenic for the user of the smokeless tobacco. Read on! Reposted from, accessed on April 18, 2012 Newswise — CHICAGO — … Continue reading

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Xylitol Candies in Caries Prevention: Six Year Xylitol Study in Estonia among School Children

Study conducted by Pentti Alanen, Pauli Isokangas, and Kristjan Gutmann First published in Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, Volume 28, Issue 3, pages 218-224, June 2000 Abstract: All field studies have unequivocally reported significant reductions in dental caries occurrence associated … Continue reading

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Newly Identified Oral Bacterium Linked to Heart Disease and Meningitis (repost)

I came across this article (below) this morning and think it’s interesting and worth sharing! Once again, this article shows that the links between oral health and the entire body’s health are strong and symbiotic. The body is connected from … Continue reading

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Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP): Healing Diseased Gums, One Magical Laser at a Time

Let’s get dirty and go under the gums!  It’s no secret that the health of our gums, mouth, and teeth directly impact the health of our whole bodies–most things inside of us are connected and this only makes sense. Much … Continue reading

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