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Keeping Track of Your Habits: A Strategy for Good Oral Hygiene

How do you keep track of your finances? Someone keeps a record of what comes in and goes out, right? With no intention of becoming a list-oriented Virgo on any of you readers, documenting the comings and goings of one’s … Continue reading

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Brushing Your Teeth With Sugar! (Xylitol Prevents Dental Caries)

“Yes, I really do brush my teeth with sugar!” “That might sound like the craziest thing you have ever heard. In much the same way that there are good fats like flax seed oil, and bad fats like trans fats, … Continue reading

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Whoopi Goldberg on Gum Disease and the Oral-Systemic Connection!

Because Whoopi Goldberg is an amazing actor, comedian, and person.

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Cheap and Easy Ways to Treat Periodontal Disease at Home

A patient who now lives in another state went to a dentist near her house. The new dentist found a 5mm periodontal pocket, but did or said nothing about it. Knowing that a 5mm pocket between tooth and gum is … Continue reading

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Insurance and Taxes make barriers to Dental Healthcare. But We’re Not Giving Up!

Dental Health Insurance: Joke’s on You U.S. Health Insurance companies mostly exist in their current form to make profit off of us–this we already know. It’s business. The way these companies make profit is that they rely on the probability … Continue reading

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