Brushing Your Teeth With Sugar! (Xylitol Prevents Dental Caries)

Yes, I really do brush my teeth with sugar!”

“That might sound like the craziest thing you have ever heard. In much the same way that there are good fats like flax seed oil, and bad fats like trans fats, not all sugars are bad for your teeth. In fact, the sugar that I brush my teeth with is a secret weapon to wipe out oral disease-causing bacteria. This sugar is xylitol and it is poised to replace fluoride as the greatest scientific discovery for healthier mouths. Furthermore, xylitol is safe and has been used by diabetics for decades. Xylitol has none of the controversy that surrounds fluoride and it comes in a variety of usable forms that make it very easy, delicious and economical to use...

…Side by side in a sugar bowl, you can’t really tell them apart and they both taste deliciously sweet. However xylitol has a much different effect on the bad bacteria in our mouths, preventing it from adhering to the tooth surfaces. Also, since the bacteria can’t metabolize xylitol, they can’t create the acid byproduct that is created by when bacteria eats up regular sugar [in the mouth]. The xylitol-fed bacteria starve and die off! Regular use of xylitol has been shown to not only reduce tooth decay, but also to facilitate the remineralization of teeth…”

We Need Xylitol Now

“Dental caries affects the populations in every country. The National Center for Health Statistics reports that in the U.S., by the time kids are age 17, almost 80 percent have experienced tooth decay. In Finland, it is practically the opposite, where 80 percent of high school graduates have no caries. What is the difference? Finland schools regularly distribute xylitol to the students. Need more proof? Dr. Peter Allen, head of the Ministry of Health in Belize, reports that in his country’s landmark study, xylitol reduced caries by more than 50 percent with results continuing to  show the same reduction even five years after the study (and xylitol usage) was completed. It appears that xylitol usage has a very long-lasting effect…”

All excerpts written by Dr. Chris Krammer, DDS. Follow this link for more information on xylitol uses, what is xylitol, and more details about how xylitol prevents cavities and the like!

So spread the word about xylitol! Wouldn’t it be great if out governments subsidized xylitol distribution instead of only fluoridating tap water?!



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