We age, our bodies change, and we need to pay attention

We age, our bodies change, and we need to pay attention.

As our bodies age, (I’m sure that many of you reading this are already aware), they function differently. But an important part of helping the body age well that a lot of people skip over and sort of rush by is taking the time to notice and accept these changes. And no–by accepting the changes I don’t mean that we have to lie down and give up. What I mean is that we need to acknowledge the change as normal and expected without wasting energy lamenting any losses. Once we acknowledge that change has happened, only then can we actively make changes to our lifestyle to make up for those changes or adapt to them.

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Oral Head & Neck Cancer: How to Spot It

When we go to a dental hygienist for a teeth cleaning appointment, one of the things they screen for are signs of oral head and neck cancer. This is cancer that shows up in the head or neck region, including the nasal cavity, sinuses, lips, mouth, thyroid glands, salivary glands, throat, or larynx (voice box). Continue reading

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Self-Care Tips: Maintaining a Healthy Mouth On Your Own

I love it when people take the time to take care of one another, when someone doesn’t have to ask before a friend offers you the shirt from their own back. That’s what community is about–caring for one another and helping out without counting favors. In this fast-paced life, however, I find that in getting caught up in the rush of seeing patients and building community, I (and we) often put taking care of myself/oneself at the bottom of the to-do list. And that is the gist of what I’d like to write about right now–taking care of ourselves as a priority. If we, as individuals, are not healthy and sound within ourselves, everything and everyone around us is also affected by that. Continue reading

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PREVENTING HEADACHES & MIGRAINES: Their Causes, Symptoms, and DIY Self-Treatments


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