Cheap and Easy Ways to Treat Periodontal Disease at Home

A patient who now lives in another state went to a dentist near her house. The new dentist found a 5mm periodontal pocket, but did or said nothing about it.

Knowing that a 5mm pocket between tooth and gum is a periodontal disease indicator and has potential to lead to more rapid spread of decaying bacteria, this clever, proactive patient asked me how to reduce that pocket and get gums to reattach.

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Non-Judgemental Dental Healthcare: Barriers & Bulimia

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What have you ever been embarrassed to tell a doctor about?

Why were you embarrassed?

No One is Born Embarrassed.

Whatever image or ideal we have in our minds for how a perfect, well adjusted person is supposed to live their life—that doesn’t actually exist in reality. People can pretend as much as they want to, but in truth it’s more likely that even the most well adjusted person feels awkward sometimes.

The fact of the matter is, there are a lot of things in this world that conflict with other parts of our lives or that influence us to feel ashamed or at odds with ourselves. This isn’t a good thing, but it’s the current situation and there is no one correct way to react to it all. Now you might think I’m getting a little cryptic, so let’s take a step back and explain a little.

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Insurance and Taxes make barriers to Dental Healthcare. But We’re Not Giving Up!

Dental Health Insurance: Joke’s on You

U.S. Health Insurance companies mostly exist in their current form to make profit off of us–this we already know. It’s business. The way these companies make profit is that they rely on the probability that among all the people who pay into a health insurance plan, a  large amount of those people will not get very sick and will not need extensive coverage. Based on that probability game, that the health insurance companies pocket gross profits. They rarely (I said rarely, that doesn’t mean never…) care about your health or mine, outside of how they profit from us.

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Strong Hearts

The heart is a muscle the size of your fist. Like any other of our muscles, we have to work on making our heart muscle strong because it’s not going to strengthen itself without us initiating action, inciting the growth.So this post is a list of a few main things that I came up with on things that we (human people, in general) can do to help our hearts stay as healthy as possible, for as long as possible. Though genetics limit people differently, the below are some controllable factors you may want to consider.

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Gum Disease Causing Pregnancy Miscariages

The mouth, aka the oral cavity, plays an extremely important role in the health of your entire system. So it’s necessary to take into consideration one’s oral-systemic health as one of the baseline focus for one’s health concerns. As such, when someone is pregnant, their oral health affects their to-be baby drastically.

So you’re pregnant and carrying it to term!  So you got the vitamins, no more alcohol, ex-out the raw fish, no standing in front of microwaves, and you’re up to date on vaccinations. Missing something? How about calling your dentist! Having a complete dental examination & cleaning (or two +) during pregnancy is vital for your baby-to-be. Increasing research indicates a direct connection between gum disease & poor oral health to premature births, low birth weights, and pre-eclampsia.

For an introduction and more general details, please take a look at the tips & GREAT VIDEO below!

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